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James Goggin (US) till juryn i Grafisk design

Med glädje presenterar Kolla! 2011 vår andra jurymedlem i grafisk design, James Goggin. Designchef på Chicagos Museum of Contemporary Art (US) sedan 2010.

För er som inte känner till James har vi ställt några frågor.

What are you working with right now?
I arrived in Chicago at the Museum of Contemporary Art in September 2010 and, alongside finishing off some last European projects (including a book on Alison & Peter Smithson’s Robin Hood Gardens public housing project for the 20th Century Society), I have jumped straight into long-term planning for a complete new identity and design/publishing programme for the MCA. This will take time, encompassing logo, typography, publications, signage, website, video production only after first analysing the operations and demands of each department in the museum, not to mention the context of the museum itself in the city of Chicago.

What is your impression of Sweden? and the graphic design scene, if you have one?
I feel a strange sense of detached allegiance towards Sweden, having lived in Stockholm for a few years as a child. I still have many Swedish friends and read Swedish books, magazines and websites and listen to P3 on occasion. My spoken Swedish is still limited to an ’80s 12-year old vocabulary, though. Any impression I have of Swedish design is admittedly skewed towards friends and acquaintances of mine in Stockholm, Göteborg and Malmö (as well as a large London contingent). But I do take a general ongoing interest in new designers, illustrators, product designers, architects etc from Sweden, with a twinge of the aforementioned Swedish patriotism. The particular group of designers I admire cannot really be grouped into any kind of collective Swedish scene in my mind, they are all such different characters and their work is widely varied.

3. What is your favourite place to be? Or where?
In cities and, quite often, in libraries in cities. If it’s an architecturally noteworthy library, even better. Chicago has an amazing institution, the Newberry Library, which houses the archives of Oswald Cooper and various sketches and correspondence materials of W.A. Dwiggins. I haven’t looked through their collections yet but I’m taking my MCA design dept staff there on a curator-guided field trip (5 blocks from the MCA) in February. In Stockholm, I really love Gunnar Asplund’s Stadsbibliotek.

What gets your imagination going?

James Goggin (US) till juryn i Grafisk design


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