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Esther Pearl Watson, vilken människa och hon kommer till illustrationsjuryn

Sara Teleman skrev tidigare om ”Unlovable” och Esther Pearl Watson, det var 2010 och Kolla! närmade sig sitt slut den gången. Sara skrev att till nästa Kolla! måste vi bara ta hit denna person. Och nu gör vi det! Esther Pearl Watson är tredje personen i årets illustrationsjury. Esther gör serier, hon tecknar annat, hon gör konst och såhär skriver hon om det hon gör. Hoppas det går fint på engelska, för jag vill inte översätta denna underbara text om en pappa som försöker bygga flygande tefat, så familjen måste flytta ofta för grannarna står inte ut.

My work has always been about telling stories, transporting the viewer through the patchwork fields and neglected small towns of a quirky Texas childhood. Growing up with an eccentric father whose obsession of building spaceships out of scrap metal in the backyard often led to disastrous results, forcing our family to move again and again, one step ahead of trouble. Setting the field on fire with a careless use of an acetylene torch or finding that our TV  had been pawned for a sheet of aluminum was not uncommon.

Like many teen girls I kept a journal, a safe haven to record my thoughts and my concerns, my security blanket for when life became to much. My paintings, filtered through the eyes of someone who is now removed from that chaos, document a time in my life that was often surreal, truth stranger than fiction. Through humor and faux-naïve charm, my works are part fantasy, part homage to the past, using mixed materials such as acrylics, graphite, silver leaf, glitter and spray paint. As in dreams, parts of my stories fade and become blurry, shifting and morphing into tangled events. In a way, the works become the truth.

Av Esther Pearl Watson

Esther Pearl Watson, vilken människa och hon kommer till illustrationsjuryn


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